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NOUNlocationColombia, Republic of Colombiaa republic in northwestern South America with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
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MeaningA republic in northwestern South America with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea; achieved independence from Spain in 1821 under the leadership of Simon Bolivar; Spanish is the official language.
SynonymRepublic of Colombia
Instance ofSouth American country, South American nationAny one of the countries occupying the South American continent
Member ofOrganization of American States, OASAn association including most countries in the western hemisphere
MembersColombianA native or inhabitant of Colombia
Part ofSouth AmericaA continent in the western hemisphere connected to North America by the Isthmus of Panama
PartsAndesA mountain range in South America running 5000 miles along the Pacific coast
AraucaA river that rises in northern Colombia and flows generally eastward to the Orinoco in central Venezuela
BarranquillaA port city of northern Colombia near the Caribbean on the Magdalena River
Bogota, capital of ColombiaCapital and largest city of Colombia
Calicity in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area
CartagenaA port city in northwestern Colombia on the Caribbean
Galeras, PastoAn active volcano in southeastern Colombia in the Andes
Magdalena, Magdalena RiverA river that rises in the Andes mountains in southwestern Colombia and flows generally northward to empty into the Caribbean Sea at Barranquilla
Medellincity in western Colombia
Orinoco, Orinoco RiverA South American river 1,500 miles long
PuraceAn inactive volcano in the Andes in southern Colombia
SoledadA city in northern Colombia
Region ofCali cartelA drug cartel that seized control of cocaine production in Colombia in 1993
Medellin cartelA drug cartel in Colombia
National Liberation Army, ELNA Marxist terrorist group formed in 1963 by Colombian intellectuals who were inspired by the Cuban Revolution
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarios de Colombia, FARCA powerful and wealthy terrorist organization formed in 1957 as the guerilla arm of the Colombian communist party
United Self-Defense Force of Colombia, United Self-Defense Group of Colombia, Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, AUCA terrorist organization in Colombia formed in 1997 as an umbrella for local and regional paramilitary groups
CatalanColombia, Colòmbia
AdjectivesColombianof or relating to or characteristic of Colombia or its people

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