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English > 2 senses of the word Caribbean:
NOUNobjectCaribbean, Caribbean Seaan arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America
locationCaribbeanregion including the Caribbean Islands
Caribbean > pronunciation
Soundskeh.rihbiy'ahn; kerih'biyahn
RhymesAachen ... Zukerman: 2572 rhymes with ahn...
English > Caribbean: 2 senses > noun 1, object
MeaningAn arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America; the origin of the Gulf stream.
SynonymCaribbean Sea
Instance ofseaA division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land
PartsCaribbean IslandAn island in the Caribbean Sea
SpanishCaribe, caribeño, mar Caribe, Mar Caribe
CatalanCarib, Mar Caribe
English > Caribbean: 2 senses > noun 2, location
Meaningregion including the Caribbean Islands.
Instance ofgeographical area, geographic area, geographical region, geographic regionA demarcated area of the Earth
PartsAntigua and BarbudaA country in the northern Leeward Islands
Bahamas, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Bahama Islandsisland country in the Atlantic to the east of Florida and Cuba
BarbadosA parliamentary democracy on the island of Barbados
Cuba, Republic of CubaA communist state in the Caribbean on the island of Cuba
Dominica, Commonwealth of DominicaA country on the island of Dominica
Dominican RepublicA republic in the West Indies
Haiti, Republic of HaitiA republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola
JamaicaA country on the island of Jamaica
Puerto Rico, Porto Rico, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, PRA self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis, Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Christopher-Nevis, St. Christopher-Nevis, St. Kitts and NevisA country on several of the Leeward Islands
Saint Lucia, St. LuciaA country on the island of Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesAn island country in the central Windward Islands
Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of Trinidad and TobagoAn island republic in the West Indies off the northeastern coast of Venezuela
West Indies, the IndiesThe string of islands between North America and South America
CatalanCaribe, Carib

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