HyperDic: brilliancy

English > 1 sense of the word brilliancy:
NOUNattributebrilliancy, luster, lustre, splendor, splendoura quality that outshines the usual / usual
English > brilliancy: 1 sense > noun 1, attribute
MeaningA quality that outshines the usual / usual.
Synonymsluster, lustre, splendor, splendour
BroaderbrightnessThe location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white
Spanishbrillantez, brillo, esplendor, lucimiento, lustre, realce
Adjectivesbrilliantfull of light
brillianthaving striking color
brilliantcharacterized by grandeur
brillianthaving or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence
brilliantclear and sharp and ringing
brilliantof surpassing excellence

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