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Català > 1 sentit de l'expressió homo sapiens / Homo sapiens:
NOManimalhomo sapiens / Homo sapiens, Humàthe only surviving hominid
Català > homo sapiens / Homo sapiens: 1 sentit > nom 1, animal
SentitThe only surviving hominid; species to which modern man belongs; bipedal primate having language and ability to make and use complex tools; brain volume at least 1400 cc.
Membre degenus homotype genus of the family Hominidae
Específichome de cromanyó, Home de CromanyóExtinct human of Upper Paleolithic in Europe
home modern, homo sapiens sapiens, Homo sapiens sapiens, humàsubspecies of Homo sapiens
Generalésser humà, home, homo, humàAny living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage
AnglèsHomo sapiens
Espanyolhomo sapiens

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