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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula entestat:
ADJECTIUallentestat, caparrut, obstinat, testarrut, tossuthabitually disposed to disobedience and opposition
allentestat, caparrut, tossutobstinate and stupid
allentestat, entossudit, insistent, obstinat, tenaç, testarut, tossutobstinate in your opinions
Català > entestat: 3 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitHabitually disposed to disobedience and opposition.
Sinònimscaparrut, obstinat, testarrut, tossut
Generaldesobedientnot obeying or complying with commands of those in authority
Anglèsfroward, headstrong, self-willed, willful, wilful
Espanyolcabezota, obstinado, terco, testarudo, tozudo
NomsvoluntarietatThe trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of discipline
Català > entestat: 3 sentits > adjectiu 2
Sentitobstinate and stupid.
Sinònimscaparrut, tossut
Generalobstinat, pertinaç, tossuttenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield
Anglèsbullheaded, bullet-headed, pigheaded
Espanyolcabezón, cabezota, cabezudo, testarudo, tozudo
Nomscaparrudesa, entercament, entestament, porfídia, testarrudesa, tossudesaresolute adherence to your own ideas or desires
Adverbisobstinadament, tossudamentIn a stubborn unregenerate manner
Català > entestat: 3 sentits > adjectiu 3
Sentitobstinate in your opinions.
Sinònimsentossudit, insistent, obstinat, tenaç, testarut, tossut
Generalintolerantlacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view
Anglèsopinionated, opinionative, self-opinionated
Espanyolcabezota, pertinaz, terco, testarudo, tozudo
VerbsopinarExpress one's opinion openly and without fear or hesitation / hesitation

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