HyperDic: trencable

Català > 1 sentit de la paraula trencable:
ADJECTIUalltrencablecapable of being broken or damaged
Català > trencable: 1 sentit > adjectiu 1
Sentitcapable of being broken or damaged.
Específicdelicat, fràgil, trencadíseasily broken or damaged or destroyed
friableEasily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder
trencadísHaving little elasticity
Tambédelicatexquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing
Contrariirrompibleimpossible to break / break / break / break / break / break / break / break especially under ordinary usage
NomsfragilitatQuality of being easily damaged or destroyed
Verbsavariar-se, espatllar-se, fallar, parar-sestop operating or functioning
descompondre, fracturar-se, rompre's, trencar-sego to pieces
esberlar-se, esquerdar-se, esquerdar, esquerdissar, fracturar-se, rompre's, rompre, trencar-se, trencarBecome fractured
espatllar-se, trencar-se, trencarruin completely
partir, rompre, trencarDestroy the integrity of
partirbreak a piece from a whole
partir-se, partir, trencar-se, trencarBecome separated / separated into pieces or fragments

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