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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra notablemente:
ADVERBIOallnotablemente, evidentemente, perceptiblemente, sensiblementein a noticeable / noticeable manner
allnotablemente, en particularespecially
allnotablemente, inoportunamentein an obtrusive manner
allnotablemente, célebremente, famosamente, ilustremente, reconocidamente, relevantementein a manner or to an extent that is well known
Español > notablemente: 4 sentidos > adverbio 1
SentidoIn a noticeable / noticeable manner.
Sinónimosevidentemente, perceptiblemente, sensiblemente
ContrarioimperceptiblementeIn an imperceptible manner or to an imperceptible degree
Inglésperceptibly, noticeably, observably
Catalánostensiblement, sensiblement
Adjetivoevidente, observablecapable of being seen or noticed
evidente, notablecapable or worthy of being perceived
perceptiblecapable of being perceived by the mind or senses
Español > notablemente: 4 sentidos > adverbio 2
SentidoEspecially; in particular.
Sinónimoen particular
Español > notablemente: 4 sentidos > adverbio 3
SentidoIn an obtrusive manner.
ContrariodiscretamenteIn an unobtrusive manner
Adjetivoindiscretoundesirably noticeable / noticeable / noticeable
Español > notablemente: 4 sentidos > adverbio 4
SentidoIn a manner or to an extent that is well known.
Sinónimoscélebremente, famosamente, ilustremente, reconocidamente, relevantemente
Adjetivocelebrado, célebre, conocido, famosa, famoso, ilustre, notable, reconocido, renombradoworthy of notice or attention

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