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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra empírico:
ADJETIVOallempírico, empíricaderived from experiment and observation rather than theory
pertempíricorelying on medical quackery
NOMBREperson empírico, empiristaa philosopher who subscribes to empiricism
Español > empírico: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentidoderived from experiment and observation rather than theory.
Específicoexistencial, experiencialderived from experience or the experience of existence
experimental, pilotoOf the nature of or undergoing an experiment / experiment / experiment
experimental, observacionalRelying on observation or experiment
falsable, verificablecapable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation
semiempíricorelying to some extent on observation or experiment
Contrarioteóricoconcerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations
Inglésempirical, empiric
NombresempirismoThe application of empirical methods in any art or science
AdverbiosempíricamenteIn an empirical manner
Español > empírico: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 2, pert
SentidoRelying on medical quackery.
Uso dearcaismo, arcaísmoThe use of an archaic expression
Inglésempiric, empirical
Nombrescuranderismo, empirismomedical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings
Español > empírico: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, person
SentidoA philosopher who subscribes to empiricism.
Generalfilósofa, filósofoA specialist in philosophy
Nombresempiricismo, empirismo, filosofía empírica, sensacionalismo(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge derives from experience

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