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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra curvo:
ADJETIVOallcurvo, curvadohaving or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend
allcurvo, torcidohaving the back and shoulders rounded
Español > curvo: 2 sentidos > adjetivo 1
SentidoHaving or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend.
Específicoabovedado, arciforme, arqueado, corvoforming or resembling an arch
aguileño, ganchudoHaving or resembling a hook (especially in the ability to grasp and hold)
curvilíneoCharacterized by or following a curved line
falciformecurved like a sickle
flexuosoHaving turns or windings
ondulado, sinuosocurved or curving in and out
semicircularcurved into a half circle
serpentinoresembling a serpent in form
sinusoidalHaving a succession of waves or curves
Contrarioderecho, rectoFree from curves or angles
Ingléscurved, curving
Cataláncorb, corbat
Español > curvo: 2 sentidos > adjetivo 2
SentidoHaving the back and shoulders rounded; not erect.
Ingléshunched, round-backed, round-shouldered, stooped, stooping, crooked

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