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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra cantera:
NOMBREgroupcantera, academiaa school for special training
artifactcanteraa surface excavation for extracting stone or slate
Español > cantera: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, group
SentidoA school for special training.
Específicoacademia de la fuerza aérea, academia del aire, air force academyAn academy for training air force officers
academia de policíaAn academy for training police officers
academia militar, escuela militarAn academy for training military officers
academia naval, escuela navalAn academy for training naval officers
yeshiváAn academy for the advanced study of Jewish texts (primarily the Talmud)
Generalcentro docente, colegio, escuela, instituto, universidadAn educational institution
Nombresacadémica, académico, docente, lectora, lector, profesora, profesorAn educator who works at a college or university / university
académicoA scholar who is skilled in academic disputation
Español > cantera: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, artifact
SentidoA surface excavation for extracting stone or slate.
Específicocalvero, cantera de creta, chalkpit, gredalA quarry for chalk
graveraA quarry for gravel
GeneralexcavaciónA hole in the ground made by excavating
Ingléspit, quarry, stone pit
Cataláncantera, pedrera
Verbosextraer, sacarextract (something such as stones) from or as if from a quarry

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