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NOMBREanimalave zancuda, aves limícolasany of many long-legged birds that wade in water in search of food
Español > ave zancuda: 1 sentido > nombre 1, animal
SentidoAny of many long-legged birds that wade in water in search of food.
Sinónimoaves limícolas
EspecíficoAramus Guarauna, carrao, courlanwading bird of South America and Central America
Cariama Cristata, chuña crestada, chuña patirrojaBrazilian Cariama
airón, ardeidae, garza, martineteGrey or white wading bird with long neck and long legs and (usually) long bill
aramus guarauna, carraowading bird of Florida, Cuba and Jamaica having a drooping bill and a distinctive wailing call
avutardalarge heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial / terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight
balaeniceps rex, picozapatolarge stork-like bird of the valley of the White Nile with a broad bill suggesting a wooden shoe
cariamidae, chuña crestada, chuña patinegra, Chunga Burmeisteri, chungaArgentinian Cariama
ciconiidae, cigüeñalarge mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage
espátulawading birds having a long flat bill with a tip like a spoon
flamenco, phoenicopteruslarge pink to scarlet web-footed wading bird with down-bent bill
grúa, grullalarge long-necked wading bird of marshes and plains in many parts of the world
hemipodesmall quail-like terrestrial / terrestrial bird of southern Eurasia and northern Africa that lacks a hind toe
ibiswading birds of warm regions having long slender down-curved bills
limícolaAny of numerous wading birds that frequent mostly seashores and estuaries
Generalave acuáticawading and swimming and diving birds of either fresh or salt water
Ingléswading bird, wader
Cataláncamallarg, ocells limícoles
Verbosvadearwalk (through relatively shallow water)

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