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NOUNplantwater lilyan aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae
English > water lily: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
MeaningAn aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae.
Member ofNymphaeaceae, family Nymphaeaceae, water-lily familydicot aquatic plants
Partslily padfloating leaves of a water lily
NarrowerEuropean white lily, Nymphaea albaA water lily with white flowers
blue lotus, Nymphaea caeruleablue Egyptian lotus
blue lotus, Nymphaea stellatablue lotus of India and southeastern Asia
lotus, white lotus, Egyptian water lily, white lily, Nymphaea lotuswhite Egyptian lotus
lotus, Indian lotus, sacred lotus, Nelumbo nuciferaNative to eastern Asia
southern spatterdock, Nuphar sagittifoliumOf flowing waters of the southeastern United States
spatterdock, cow lily, yellow pond lily, Nuphar advenaCommon water lily of eastern and central North America, having broad leaves and globe-shaped yellow flowers
water-shield, fanwort, Cabomba carolinianaCommon aquatic plant of eastern North America having floating and submerged leaves and white yellow-spotted flowers
water-shield, Brasenia schreberi, water-targetaquatic plant with floating oval leaves and purple flowers
water chinquapin, American lotus, yanquapin, Nelumbo luteawater lily of eastern North America having pale yellow blossoms and edible globular nutlike seeds
water nymph, fragrant water lily, pond lily, Nymphaea odorataA water lily having large leaves and showy fragrant flowers that float on the water
yellow water lily, Nuphar luteaA water lily with yellow flowers
Broaderaquatic plant, water plant, hydrophyte, hydrophytic plantA plant that grows partly or wholly in water whether rooted in the mud, as a lotus / lotus, or floating without anchorage, as the water hyacinth
Spanishgolfán, nenúfar, ninfea
Catalannenúfar, nimfea

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