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English > 2 senses of the word vilification:
NOUNcommunicationvilification, smear, malignmentslanderous defamation
communicationvilification, abuse, insult, revilement, contumelya rude expression / expression intended to offend or hurt
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English > vilification: 2 senses > noun 1, communication
Meaningslanderous defamation.
Synonymssmear, malignment
Broaderdefamation, calumny, calumniation, obloquy, traducement, hatchet jobA false / false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions
Spanishcalumnia, desprestigio, envilecimiento, malignment, vilipendio
Verbsvilifyspread negative information about
English > vilification: 2 senses > noun 2, communication
MeaningA rude expression / expression intended to offend or hurt.
Synonymsabuse, insult, revilement, contumely
Narrowerlow blowunscrupulous abuse
scurrility, billingsgatefoul-mouthed or obscene / obscene abuse
stinger, cutA remark capable of wounding mentally
vituperation, invective, vitriolabusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will
Broaderdisrespect, discourtesyAn expression / expression of lack of respect
Spanishcontumelia, insulto, revilement
Catalancontumelia, insult, revilement
Verbsvilifyspread negative information about

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