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English > 1 sense of the word UDA:
NOUNgroupUDA, Ulster Defence Associationthe major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland
English > UDA: 1 sense > noun 1, group
MeaningThe major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland; responsible for bombing the homes of Catholics and for criminal racketeering and selling drugs.
SynonymUlster Defence Association
Categoryterrorism, act of terrorism, terrorist actThe calculated use of violence (or the threat / threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature
Instance ofterrorist organization, terrorist group, foreign terrorist organization, FTOA political movement that uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals
RegionNorthern IrelandA division of the United Kingdom located on the northern part of the island of Ireland
SpanishAsociación en Defensa del Ulster, UDA
CatalanUlster Defence Association

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