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English > 1 sense of the expression stock market:
NOUNartifactstock market, stock exchange, securities marketan exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers
English > stock market: 1 sense > noun 1, artifact
MeaningAn exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers.
Synonymsstock exchange, securities market
Category ofbearishExpecting prices to fall
bid price(stock market) the price at which a broker is willing to buy a certain security
bullishExpecting a rise in prices
closing price(stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session
fundamental analysis, fundamentals analysis(stock exchange) the use of fundamentals as an investment strategy
market analystAn analyst of conditions affecting a market (especially the stock market)
offer price(stock market) the price at which a broker is willing to sell a certain security
price-to-earnings ratio, P/E ratio(stock market) the price / price of a stock divided by its earnings
pyramid(stock market) a series of transactions in which the speculator increases his holdings by using the rising market value of those holdings as margin for further purchases
support level(stock market) the price at which a certain security becomes attractive to investors
technical analysis, technical analysis of stock trends(stock exchange) analysis of past price changes in the hope of forecasting future price changes
InstancesAmerican Stock Exchange, AMEX, CurbA stock exchange in New York
BourseThe stock exchange in Paris
New York Stock Exchange, N. Y. Stock Exchange, NYSE, big boardA stock exchange in New York
Member ofmarket, securities industryThe securities markets in the aggregate
Narrowercurb marketA stock market for trading in securities not listed on the New York Stock Exchange
over-the-counter market, OTC marketA stock exchange where securities transactions are made via telephone and computer rather than on the floor of an exchange
BroaderexchangeA workplace for buying and selling
Spanishbolsa, mercado de valores
Catalanborsa de valors, borsa, mercat de valors

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