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English > 1 sense of the word prolix:
ADJECTIVEallprolixtediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length
English > prolix: 1 sense > adjective 1
Meaningtediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length.
  • "editing a prolix manuscript"
  • "a prolix lecturer telling you more than you want to know"
Attribute ofprolixity, prolixness, windiness, long-windedness, wordinessboring verbosity
Narrowerdiffuselacking conciseness
long-winded, tedious, verbose, windy, wordyUsing or containing too many words
pleonastic, redundant, tautologic, tautologicalrepetition of same sense in different words
See alsovolublemarked by a ready flow of speech
OppositeconciseExpressing much in few words
Spanishfastidioso, prolijo
Nounsprolixity, prolixnessboring verbosity

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