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NOUNsubstanceprogestin, progestogenany of a group of steroid hormones that have the effect of progesterone
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English > progestin: 1 sense > noun 1, substance
MeaningAny of a group of steroid hormones that have the effect of progesterone.
Narrowermedroxyprogesterone, ProveraA progestin compound (trade name Provera) used to treat menstrual disorders
megestrol, megestrol acetateA synthetic progestational compound used to treat endometrial carcinoma
norethindrone, norethindrone acetate, norethandrolone, NorlutinA synthetic progestational hormone (trade name Norlutin) used in oral contraceptives and to treat endometriosis
norethynodrelA progesterone derivative used in oral contraceptives and in the control of menstruation and the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding
norgestrelsynthetic progestin used in oral contraceptives
progesterone, Lipo-LutinA steroid hormone (trade name Lipo-Lutin) produced in the ovary
Broadersteroid hormone, steroid, sex hormoneAny hormone affecting the development and growth of sex organs

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