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English > 2 senses of the word Morocco / morocco:
NOUNlocationMorocco, Kingdom of Morocco, Maroc, Marruecos, Al-Magriba kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population
substancemoroccoa soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin
Morocco / morocco > pronunciation
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English > Morocco: 2 senses > noun 1, location
MeaningA kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population; achieved independence from France in 1956.
SynonymsKingdom of Morocco, Maroc, Marruecos, Al-Magrib
Instance ofAfrican country, African nationAny one of the countries occupying the African continent
Member ofArab LeagueAn international organization of independent Arab states formed in 1945 to promote cultural / cultural and economic and military and political and social cooperation
MembersMoroccanA native or inhabitant of Morocco
Part ofMaghreb, MahgribThe region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia
PartsAtlas MountainsA mountain range in northern Africa between the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert
CasablancaA port on the Atlantic and the largest city of Morocco
El AaiumA town in Morocco near the Atlantic coast
Fez, FesA city in north central Morocco
Jebel Musa, Abila, AbylaA promontory in northern Morocco opposite the Rock of Gibraltar
Marrakesh, MarrakechA city in western Morocco
OujdaA city in northeastern Morocco near the Algerian border
Rabat, capital of MoroccoThe capital of Morocco
Tangier, TangiersA city of northern Morocco at the west end of the Strait of Gibraltar
Western Sahara, Spanish SaharaAn area in northwestern Africa with rich phosphate deposits
SpanishMarruecos, Morocco
CatalanEl Marroc, Marroc
AdjectivesMoroccan, Marocof or relating to or characteristic of Morocco or its people
English > morocco: 2 senses > noun 2, substance
MeaningA soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin; used for shoes and book bindings etc..
NarrowerLevant, Levant moroccoA heavy morocco often used in bookbinding
BroaderleatherAn animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
Spanishmarroquí, tafilete
Catalanmarroquí, tafilet

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