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English > 1 sense of the expression locust tree:
NOUNplantlocust tree, locustany of various hardwood trees of the family Leguminosae
English > locust tree: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
MeaningAny of various hardwood trees of the family Leguminosae.
Member ofLeguminosae, family Leguminosae, Fabaceae, family Fabaceae, legume family, pea familyA large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods
Narrowerblack locust, yellow locust, Robinia pseudoacacialarge thorny tree of eastern and central United States having pinnately compound leaves and drooping racemes of white flowers
clammy locust, Robinia viscosasmall rough-barked locust of southeastern United States having racemes of pink flowers and glutinous branches and seeds
courbaril, Hymenaea courbarilWest Indian locust tree having pinnate leaves and panicles of large white or purplish flowers
honey locust, Gleditsia triacanthostall usually spiny North American tree having small greenish-white flowers in drooping racemes followed by long twisting seed pods
water locust, swamp locust, Gleditsia aquaticahoney locust of swamps and bottomlands of southern United States having short oval pods
BroadertreeA tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown
Substanceslocusthardwood from any of various locust trees
Catalangarrofer, garrover

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