HyperDic: ineffectualness

English > 1 sense of the word ineffectualness:
NOUNattributeineffectualness, ineffectiveness, ineffectualitylacking the power to be effective
English > ineffectualness: 1 sense > noun 1, attribute
Meaninglacking the power to be effective.
Synonymsineffectiveness, ineffectuality
Narrowerinefficacy, inefficaciousnessA lack of efficacy
Broaderpowerlessness, impotence, impotencyThe quality of lacking strength or power
Oppositeeffectiveness, effectivity, effectualness, effectualityPower to be effective
Spanishincapacidad, incompetencia, ineficacia, inutilidad
Catalanincapacitat, incompetència, ineficàcia, inutilitat
Adjectivesineffectualnot producing an intended effect
ineffectuallacking in power or forcefulness
ineffectualproducing no result or effect

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