HyperDic: indisposition

English > 2 senses of the word indisposition:
NOUNstateindispositiona slight illness
attributeindisposition, reluctance, hesitancy, hesitation, disinclinationa certain degree of unwillingness
English > indisposition: 2 senses > noun 1, state
MeaningA slight illness.
Broaderillness, unwellness, malady, sicknessimpairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
Verbsindisposecause to feel unwell
English > indisposition: 2 senses > noun 2, attribute
MeaningA certain degree of unwillingness.
Example "his hesitancy revealed his basic indisposition"
Synonymsreluctance, hesitancy, hesitation, disinclination
Narrowersloth, slothfulnessA disinclination to work or exert yourself
Broaderunwillingness, involuntarinessThe trait of being unwilling
Spanishaversión, hesitación, indisposición, reluctancia
Catalaninapetència, indisposició
Verbsindisposemake unwilling

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