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NOUNlocationGuyana, Co-operative Republic of Guyana, British Guianaa republic in northeastern South America
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MeaningA republic in northeastern South America; formerly part of the British Empire, but it achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.
SynonymsCo-operative Republic of Guyana, British Guiana
Instance ofSouth American country, South American nationAny one of the countries occupying the South American continent
Member ofBritish EmpireA former empire consisting of Great Britain and all the territories under its control
MembersGuyaneseA native or inhabitant of Guyana
Part ofGuianaA geographical region of northeastern South America including Guyana and Surinam
PartsDemeraraA former Dutch colony in South America
DemeraraA river in northern Guyana that flows northward into the Atlantic
Georgetown, Stabroekport city and the capital and largest city of Guyana
SpanishGuayana inglesa, Guyana Británica, Guyana, República Cooperativa de Guyana
CatalanGuaiana anglesa, Guaiana, Guyana, República Cooperativa de Guyana
AdjectivesGuyaneseof or relating to or characteristic of Guyana or its inhabitants

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