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NOUNanimalgrebesmall compact-bodied almost completely aquatic bird that builds floating nests
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English > grebe: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
Meaningsmall compact-bodied almost completely aquatic bird that builds floating nests; similar to loons but smaller and with lobate rather than webbed feet.
Member ofPodiceps, genus Podicepstype genus of the Podicipedidae
Narrowerblack-necked grebe, eared grebe, Podiceps nigricollissmall grebe with yellow ear tufts and a black neck
dabchick, little grebe, Podiceps ruficollissmall European grebe
great crested grebe, Podiceps cristatuslarge Old World grebe with black ear tufts
pied-billed grebe, Podilymbus podicepsAmerican grebe having a black-banded whitish bill
red-necked grebe, Podiceps grisegenalarge stocky grebe of circumpolar regions having a dark neck
Broaderpodicipitiform seabirdaquatic birds related to the loons
Spanishpodicipedidae, somorgujo, somorgujón, somormujo, zambullidor

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