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NOUNperson golfer, golf player, linksmansomeone who plays the game / game of golf
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English > golfer: 1 sense > noun 1, person
Meaningsomeone who plays the game / game of golf.
Synonymsgolf player, linksman
InstancesHogan, Ben Hogan, William Benjamin HoganUnited States golfer who won many major golf tournaments (1912-1997)
Jones, Bobby Jones, Robert Tyre JonesUnited States golfer (1902-1971)
Nicklaus, Jack Nicklaus, Jack William NicklausUnited States golfer considered by many to be the greatest golfer of all time (born in 1940)
Norman, Greg Norman, Gregory John NormanAustralian golfer (born in 1955)
Palmer, Arnold Palmer, Arnold Daniel PalmerUnited States golfer (born in 1929)
Sarazen, Gene SarazenUnited States golfer who was first to win all four major golf tournaments (1902-1999)
Snead, Sam Snead, Samuel Jackson SneadUnited States golfer known for the graceful arc of his swing (1912-2002)
Trevino, Lee Trevino, Lee Buck Trevino, SupermexUnited States golfer (born in 1939)
NarrowerdriverA golfer who hits the golf ball with a driver
golf pro, professional golfersomeone who earns a living by playing or teaching golf
hackersomeone who plays golf poorly
hookerA golfer whose shots typically curve left (for right-handed golfers)
medalist, medallist, medal winner(golf) the winner at medal play of a tournament
putterA golfer who is putting
slicerA golfer whose shots typically curve right (for right-handed golfers)
Broaderplayer, participantA person who participates in or is skilled at some game / game
Spanishgolfista, jugador de golf
Catalangolfista, jugador de golf
Verbsgolfplay golf

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