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English > 2 senses of the word genesis / Genesis:
NOUNeventgenesis, generationa coming into being
communicationGenesis, Book of Genesisthe first book of the Old Testament
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English > genesis: 2 senses > noun 1, event
MeaningA coming into being.
BroaderbeginningThe event consisting of the start of something
Spanishgeneración, génesis
English > Genesis: 2 senses > noun 2, communication
MeaningThe first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation; Adam and Eve; the Fall of Man; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood; God's covenant with Abraham; Abraham and Isaac; Jacob and Esau; Joseph and his brothers.
SynonymBook of Genesis
Category ofTower of Babel, Babel(Genesis 11
Instance ofbookA major division of a long written composition
Part ofOld TestamentThe collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people
Torah, Pentateuch, LawsThe first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit

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