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English > 1 sense of the word flea:
NOUNanimalfleaany wingless bloodsucking parasitic insect noted for ability to leap
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English > flea: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
MeaningAny wingless bloodsucking parasitic insect noted for ability to leap.
Member ofSiphonaptera, order Siphonapterafleas
NarrowerPulex irritansThe most common flea attacking humans
cat flea, Ctenocephalides felisflea that breeds chiefly on cats and dogs and rats
chigoe, chigger, chigoe flea, Tunga penetranssmall tropical flea
dog flea, Ctenocephalides canisflea that attacks dogs and cats
sticktight, sticktight flea, Echidnophaga gallinaceaParasitic on especially the heads of chickens
Broaderectoparasite, ectozoan, ectozoon, epizoan, epizoonAny external parasitic organism (as fleas)
insectsmall air-breathing arthropod
Spanishpulga, siphonaptera

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