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English > 2 senses of the word cyst:
NOUNstatecysta closed sac that develops abnormally in some body structure
bodycyst, vesiclea small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)
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English > cyst: 2 senses > noun 1, state
MeaningA closed sac that develops abnormally in some body structure.
Narrowerdermoid cystA cystic tumor (usually benign) with a wall lined with epithelium and a cavity containing other material
galactoceleA cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance (especially in the mammary glands)
hemorrhagic cyst, blood cyst, hematocystA cyst containing blood
hydatidcyst filled with liquid / liquid
nabothian cyst, nabothian follicleA cyst that forms in the nabothian glands of the uterine cervix
ovarian cystA cystic tumor (usually benign) of the ovary
ranulaA cyst on the underside of the tongue
sebaceous cyst, pilar cyst, wen, steatocystomaA common cyst of the skin
BroaderpathologyAny deviation from a healthy or normal / normal condition
Spanishlobanillo, lupia, quiste
Adjectivescysticof or relating to or resembling a cyst
encystedenclosed in (or as if in) a cyst
English > cyst: 2 senses > noun 2, body
MeaningA small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid).
NarrowerGolgi body, Golgi apparatus, Golgi complex, dictyosomeA netlike structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells (especially in those cells that produce secretions)
blister, bulla, bleb(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid
follicleAny small spherical group of cells containing a cavity
lacrimal sac, tear sac, dacryocystEither of the two dilated ends of the lacrimal ducts at the nasal ends of the eyes that fill with tears secreted by the lacrimal glands
liposomeAn artificially made microscopic vesicle into which nucleic acids can be packaged
BroadersacA structure resembling a bag in an animal
Spanishquiste, vesícula
Adjectivescysticof or relating to a normal cyst (as the gallbladder or urinary bladder)

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