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English > 3 senses of the expression crack up:
VERBemotioncrack up, crack, crock up, break up, collapsesuffer a nervous breakdown
communicationcrack uprhapsodize about
bodycrack up, break uplaugh unrestrainedly
English > crack up: 3 senses > verb 1, emotion
MeaningSuffer a nervous breakdown.
PatternSomebody ----s
Synonymscrack, crock up, break up, collapse
Broadersuffer, sustain, have, getUndergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
Catalantenir un col·lapse nerviós
Nounscrack-upa mental or physical breakdown
English > crack up: 3 senses > verb 2, communication
Meaningrhapsodize about.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Somebody ----s somebody
Broaderlaud, extol, exalt, glorify, proclaimpraise, glorify, or honor
English > crack up: 3 senses > verb 3, body
Meaninglaugh unrestrainedly.
PatternSomebody ----s
Synonymbreak up
Broaderlaugh, express joy, express mirthproduce laughter
Spanishmorirse de risa, partirse de risa, troncharse

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