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English > 1 sense of the expression clothes designer:
NOUNperson clothes designer, couturier, fashion designer, designersomeone who designs clothing
English > clothes designer: 1 sense > noun 1, person
Meaningsomeone who designs clothing.
Synonymscouturier, fashion designer, designer
InstancesBalenciaga, Cristobal BalenciagaSpanish fashion designer known for his stark elegant designs (1895-1972)
Dior, Christian DiorFrench couturier whose first collection in 1947 created a style that became known as the New Look (1905-1957)
Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Richard KleinUnited States fashion designer noted for understated fashions (born in 1942)
Schiaparelli, Elsa Schiaparellifashion designer born in Italy who was noted for her use of synthetic materials and brilliant colors (1896-1973)
Versace, Gianni VersaceItalian fashion designer (1946-1997)
Worth, Charles Frederick WorthFrench couturier (born in England) regarded as the founder of Parisian haute couture
Narrowercostumier, costumer, costume designersomeone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)
BroadercreatorA person who grows or makes or invents / invents things
Spanishdiseñador de moda, diseñador, modisto
Catalandissenyador de moda, dissenyador, modista

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