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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula allistar:
VERBcompetitionallistar, allistar-se, enrolar-se, reclutarengage somebody to enter the army
Català > allistar: 1 sentit > verb 1, competition
SentitEngage somebody to enter the army.
Sinònimsallistar-se, enrolar-se, reclutar
EspecíficreclutarCause to assemble or enlist in the military
Generalapuntar, inscriure's, inscriure, matricular-se, matricular, reclutarregister formally as a participant or member
Anglèsenlist, draft, muster in
Espanyolalistar, enrolar
Nomsconscripto, quinto, reclutasomeone who is drafted into military service
fitxatge, reclutaAny new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)
lleva, servei militarcompulsory military service
reclutamentThe act of getting recruits

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