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English > 3 senses of the word murmuring:
NOUNeventmurmuring, mutter, muttering, murmur, murmuration, mussitationa low continuous indistinct sound
communicationmurmuring, grumble, grumbling, murmur, mutter, mutteringa complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone
ADJECTIVEallmurmuring, susurrant, whisperingmaking a low continuous indistinct sound
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English > murmuring: 3 senses > adjective 1
Meaningmaking a low continuous indistinct sound.
Example"like murmuring waves"
Synonymssusurrant, whispering
Broadersoft(of sound) relatively low in volume
Spanishmurmurante, susurrante
English > murmuring: 3 senses > noun 1, event
MeaningA low continuous indistinct sound; often accompanied by movement of the lips without the production of articulate speech.
Synonymsmutter, muttering, murmur, murmuration, mussitation
BroadersoundThe sudden occurrence of an audible event
Spanishbarboteo, bisbiseo, murmullo, rumor
Catalanmurmuri, remor, xiu-xiueig, xiu-xiu
Verbsmurmurspeak softly or indistinctly
English > murmuring: 3 senses > noun 2, communication
MeaningA complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone.
Synonymsgrumble, grumbling, murmur, mutter, muttering
BroadercomplaintAn expression of grievance or resentment
Spanishbarboteo, refunfuño
Verbsmurmurmake complaining remarks or noises under one's breath

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