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Español > 1 sentido de l'expresión producto vegetal:
NOMBREsubstanceproducto vegetala product made from plant material
Español > producto vegetal: 1 sentido > nombre 1, substance
SentidoA product made from plant material.
Específicoalcohol de grano, alcohol etílico, alcohol, etanolThe intoxicating agent in fermented and distilled liquors
cocadried leaves of the coca plant (and related plants that also contain cocaine)
fitohormona(botany) a plant product that acts like a hormone
furfuralA liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor
resina naturalA plant exudate
sacarosaA complex carbohydrate found in many plants and used as a sweetening agent
tabacoleaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
Generalmateria vegetalmaterial derived from plants
Inglésplant product

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