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Español > 1 sentido de la palabra latín:
NOMBREcommunicationlatínany dialect of the language of ancient Rome
Español > latín: 1 sentido > nombre 1, communication
SentidoAny dialect of the language of ancient Rome.
Categoría dehíbrido, loanblendA word that is composed of parts from different languages (e.g., 'monolingual' has a Greek prefix and a Latin root)
nihil(Latin) nil
p.m.Between noon and midnight
Específicobajo latínAny dialect of Latin other than the classical
bajo latín, latín bíblicoThe form of Latin written between the 3rd and 8th centuries
latín clásicoThe language of educated people in ancient Rome
lengua romance, lengua románica, romanceThe group of languages derived from Latin
neolatínLatin since the Renaissance
Generalitálico, lengua itálicaA branch of the Indo-European languages of which Latin is the chief representative
Adjetivobastardo, espurioOf or containing a mixture of Latin words and vernacular words jumbled together
latinadoderived from or imitative of Latin
latinoOf or relating to the ancient Latins or the Latin language
NombreslatinistaA specialist in the Latin language

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