HyperDic: interminablemente

Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra interminablemente:
ADVERBIOallinterminablemente, continuamente, incesantementewith unflagging resolve
allinterminablemente, incesantementeall the time
Español > interminablemente: 2 sentidos > adverbio 1
SentidoWith unflagging resolve.
Sinónimoscontinuamente, incesantemente
Inglésendlessly, ceaselessly, incessantly, unceasingly, unendingly, continuously
Adjetivoconstante, continuo, incesante, perpetuouninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing
continuo, incesante, ininterrumpido, permanenteContinuing in time or space without interruption
eterna, eternal, eterno, inacabable, interminable, perenne, perpetua, perpetuoContinuing forever or indefinitely
inmemorial, sempiternoHaving no known beginning and presumably no end
Español > interminablemente: 2 sentidos > adverbio 2
Sentidoall the time; seemingly without stopping.
Inglésinterminably, endlessly
Adjetivoinfinito, interminabletiresomely long

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