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Español > 1 sentido de l'expresión almacenamiento computacional:
NOMBREartifactalmacenamiento computacional, almacenamiento, almacenar, almacén, memoria computacional, memoria, tarjeta de memoriaan electronic memory device
Español > almacenamiento computacional: 1 sentido > nombre 1, artifact
SentidoAn electronic memory device.
Sinónimosalmacenamiento, almacenar, almacén, memoria computacional, memoria, tarjeta de memoria
Part decalculadora, calculador, computadora, computador, ordenador, procesador de datos, procesadorA machine for performing calculations automatically
Partesregistro(computer science) memory device that is the part of computer memory that has a specific address and that is used to hold information of a specific kind
Específicomemoria de solo lectura, ROM(computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed
memoria física, memoria realThe main memory in a virtual memory system
memoria no volátilcomputer storage that is not lost when the power is turned off
memoria virtual(computer science) memory created by using the hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory
memoria volátilcomputer storage that is erased when the power is turned off
Generaldispositivo de memoriaA device that preserves information for retrieval
hardware(computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system
Inglésmemory, computer memory, storage, computer storage, store, memory board
Catalánmagatzem, memòria

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