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English > 4 senses of the word x / X:
ADJECTIVEallx, ten, 10being one more than nine
NOUNquantityX, ten, 10, tenner, decadethe cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one
communicationX / x, exthe 24th letter of the Roman alphabet
artifactX, Adam, ecstasy, XTC, go, disco biscuit, cristal, hug drugstreet names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
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English > x: 4 senses > adjective 1
MeaningOne more than nine.
Synonymsten, 10
BroadercardinalBeing or denoting a numerical quantity but not order
Spanish10, diez, X
Catalan10, deu, X
English > X: 4 senses > noun 1, quantity
MeaningThe cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one; the base of the decimal system.
Synonymsten, 10, tenner, decade
Broaderlarge integerAn integer equal to or greater than ten
Spanish10, década, decena, diez
Catalan10, dècada, desena, deu
English > X / x: 4 senses > noun 2, communication
MeaningThe 24th letter of the Roman alphabet.
Member ofRoman alphabet, Latin alphabetThe alphabet evolved by the ancient Romans which serves for writing most of the languages of western Europe
Broaderletter, letter of the alphabet, alphabetic characterThe conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech
Spanishequis, X
English > X: 4 senses > noun 3, artifact
Meaningstreet names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine.
SynonymsAdam, ecstasy, XTC, go, disco biscuit, cristal, hug drug
Broadermethylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMAA stimulant drug that is chemically related to mescaline and amphetamine and is used illicitly for its euphoric and hallucinogenic effects
SpanishAdam, Cristal, droga del abrazo, éxtasis, galleta disco, x, XTC

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