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NOUNbodywomb, uterusa hollow muscular organ in the pelvic cavity of females
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English > womb: 1 sense > noun 1, body
MeaningA hollow muscular organ in the pelvic cavity of females; contains the developing fetus.
Part offemale reproductive systemThe reproductive system of females
PartsFallopian tube, uterine tube, oviductEither of a pair of tubes conducting the egg from the ovary to the uterus
cervix, uterine cervix, cervix uterinecklike opening to the uterus
endometrium(pregnancy) the mucous membrane that lines the uterus
myometriumThe smooth muscle forming the wall of the uterus
placentaThe vascular structure in the uterus of most mammals providing oxygen and nutrients for and transferring / transferring wastes from the developing fetus
uterine artery, arteria uterinaA branch of the internal iliac artery that supplies the uterus and the upper part of the vagina
uterine cavityThe space inside the uterus between the cervical canal and the Fallopian tubes
NarrowerventerThe womb
Broaderfemale internal reproductive organThe reproductive organs of a woman
Spanishmadre, matriz, seno, útero
Catalanmare, matriu, si, úter

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