HyperDic: urination

English > 1 sense of the word urination:
NOUNprocessurination, micturitionthe discharge of urine
English > urination: 1 sense > noun 1, process
MeaningThe discharge of urine.
Narrowerleak, wetting, making water, passing waterA euphemism for urination
lithuresisPassing small stones with the urine
nocturia, nycturiaexcessive urination at night
oliguriaproduction of an abnormally small amount of urine
peeing, pee, pissing, pissinformal terms for urination
Broaderelimination, evacuation, excretion, excreting, voidingThe bodily process of discharging waste matter
Spanishmicción, orina
Catalanmicció, orina
Verbsurinateeliminate urine

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