HyperDic: unassertive

English > 1 sense of the word unassertive:
ADJECTIVEallunassertiveinclined to timidity or lack of self-confidence
English > unassertive: 1 sense > adjective 1
MeaningInclined to timidity or lack of self-confidence.
Example"a shy unassertive person"
Narrowernonassertivenot aggressively self-assured, though not necessarily lacking in confidence
reticent, self-effacing, retiringreluctant to draw attention to yourself
See alsosubmissiveInclined or willing / willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination
timidshowing fear and lack of confidence
unaggressive, nonaggressivenot aggressive
Oppositeassertive, self-asserting, self-assertiveaggressively self-assured
Nounsunassertivenessdiffidence about self promotion
Adverbsunassertivelyin an unassertive manner

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