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English > 3 senses of the word tortuous:
ADJECTIVEalltortuous, Byzantine, convoluted, involved, knotty, tangledhighly complex or intricate and occasionally devious
alltortuous, twisting, twisty, winding, voluminousmarked by repeated turns and bends
alltortuousnot straightforward
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English > tortuous: 3 senses > adjective 1
MeaningHighly complex or intricate and occasionally devious.
  • "tortuous legal procedures"
  • "tortuous negotiations lasting for months"
SynonymsByzantine, convoluted, involved, knotty, tangled
Broadercomplexcomplicated in structure
Spanishbizantino, intrincado, laberíntico, tortuoso
Nounstortuousnesspuzzling complexity
English > tortuous: 3 senses > adjective 2
Meaningmarked by repeated turns and bends.
Example"a tortuous road up the mountain"
Synonymstwisting, twisty, winding, voluminous
BroadercrookedHaving or marked by bends or angles
Spanishserpentino, sinuoso, tortuoso
Catalanserpentí, sinuós, tortuós
Nounstortuosity, tortuousnessa tortuous and twisted shape or position
English > tortuous: 3 senses > adjective 3
Meaningnot straightforward.
Example"his tortuous reasoning"
BroaderindirectExtended senses
Spanishsinuoso, tortuoso
Nounstortuousnesspuzzling complexity

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