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NOUNplantThrinax, genus Thrinaxsmall to medium-sized fan palms
English > Thrinax: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
Meaningsmall to medium-sized fan palms.
Synonymgenus Thrinax
Member ofPalmae, family Palmae, Palmaceae, family Palmaceae, Arecaceae, family Arecaceae, palm familychiefly tropical trees and shrubs and vines usually having a tall columnar trunk bearing a crown of very large leaves
Memberskey palm, silvertop palmetto, silver thatch, Thrinax microcarpa, Thrinax morrisii, Thrinax keyensissmall stocky fan palm of southern Florida and Cuba
thatch palm, thatch tree, silver thatch, broom palm, Thrinax parviflorasmall palm of southern Florida and West Indies closely resembling the silvertop palmetto
Broadermonocot genus, liliopsid genusgenus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Spanishgenus thrinax, thrinax
Catalangenus thrinax, thrinax

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