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English > 4 senses of the word thinly:
ADVERBallthinlywithout force or sincere effort
allthinly, thinwithout viscosity
allthinly, lightlyin a small quantity or extent
allthinlyin a widely distributed manner
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English > thinly: 4 senses > adverb 1
MeaningWithout force or sincere effort.
Example"smiled thinly"
Adjectivesthinlacking spirit or sincere effort
English > thinly: 4 senses > adverb 2
MeaningWithout viscosity.
Oppositethickly, thickWith a thick consistency
Spanishdelgadamente, diluído
Adjectivesthinrelatively thin in consistency or low in density / density
English > thinly: 4 senses > adverb 3
MeaningIn a small quantity or extent.
Example"spread the margarine thinly over the meat"
OppositethicklyWith thickness
Adjectivesthinof relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section
English > thinly: 4 senses > adverb 4
MeaningIn a widely distributed manner.
Example"thinly overgrown mountainside"
Oppositedensely, thicklyIn a concentrated manner
Adjectivesthinnot dense

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