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English > 1 sense of the word swayer:
NOUNperson swayer, rulera person who rules or commands
English > swayer: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA person who rules or commands.
Example"swayer of the universe"
InstancesTamerlane, Tamburlaine, Timur, Timur LenkMongolian ruler of Samarkand who led his nomadic hordes to conquer an area from Turkey to Mongolia (1336-1405)
NarrowerBourbonA member of the European royal family that ruled France
HanoverianAny of the British rulers who were members of the House of Hanover
IncaA ruler of the Incas (or a member of his family)
Mogul, MoghulA member of the Muslim dynasty that ruled India until 1857
Pharaoh, Pharaoh of EgyptThe title of the ancient Egyptian kings
StuartA member of the royal family that ruled Scotland and England
TudorA member of the dynasty that ruled England
basileusA ruler of the eastern Roman Empire
caliph, calif, kaliph, kalif, khalif, khalifahThe civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth
dictator, potentateA ruler who is unconstrained by law
dynastA hereditary ruler
emir, amir, emeer, ameerAn independent ruler or chieftain (especially in Africa or Arabia)
ethnarchThe ruler of a province (as in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire) or certain religious rulers with secular authority
hakimA Muslim ruler or governor or judge
khanA title given to rulers or other important people in Asian countries
oligarchOne of the rulers in an oligarchy
overlord, master, lordA person who has general authority over others
puppet ruler, puppet leaderA leader or ruler who is chosen by a despot to head a government
regentsomeone who rules during the absence or incapacity or minority of the country's monarch
sheik, tribal sheik, sheikh, tribal sheikh, Arab chiefThe leader of an Arab village or family
sovereign, crowned head, monarchA nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right
sultan, grand TurkThe ruler of a Muslim country (especially of the former Ottoman Empire)
tyrantIn ancient Greece, a ruler who had seized power without legal right to it
Broaderperson, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soulA human being
Spanishgobernador, gobernante, soberano
Catalangovernador, governant

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