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English > 1 sense of the expression small person:
NOUNperson small persona person of below average size
English > small person: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA person of below average size.
NarrowerPygmy, PigmyAny member of various peoples having an average height of less than five feet
Tom ThumbA very small person
dwarf, midget, nanusA person who is markedly small
lilliputianA very small person (resembling a Lilliputian)
manikin, mannikin, homunculusA person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal
pygmy, pigmyAn unusually small individual
runt, shrimp, peewee, half-pintdisparaging terms for small people
wispA small person
Broaderperson, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soulA human being

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