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English > 1 sense of the expression saturniid moth:
NOUNanimalsaturniid moth, saturniidlarge brightly colored and usually tropical moth
English > saturniid moth: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
Meaninglarge brightly colored and usually tropical moth; larvae spin / spin silken cocoons.
Member ofSaturniidae, family SaturniidaeImportant and widely distributed family of moths including some of the largest insects known
Narrowercecropia, cecropia moth, Hyalophora cecropiaNorth American silkworm moth
emperor, emperor moth, Saturnia pavonialarge moth of temperate forests / forests of Eurasia having heavily scaled transparent wings
giant silkworm moth, silkworm mothAny silkworm moth of the family Saturniidae
imperial moth, Eacles imperialislarge American moth having yellow wings with purplish or brownish markings
io moth, Automeris iolarge yellow American moth having a large eyelike spot on each hind wing
luna moth, Actias lunalarge pale-green American moth with long-tailed hind wings and a yellow crescent-shaped mark on each forewing
pernyi moth, Antheraea pernyiA Chinese moth that produces a brownish silk
polyphemus moth, Antheraea polyphemusVery large yellowish-brown American silkworm moth with large eyespots on hind wings
tussah, tusseh, tussur, tussore, tusser, Antheraea mylittaoriental moth that produces brownish silk
Broadermothtypically crepuscular or nocturnal insect having a stout body and feathery or hairlike antennae

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