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English Rhymes > 182 rhymes with the ker sound :

acre / Acre, anchor, asker, attacker, automaker, backer, baedeker / Baedeker, baker, banker, barker, basketmaker, beaker, bicker, biker, blocker, bloodsucker, booker, bookmaker, breaker, broker, bunker, busker, candlemaker, canker, caretaker, carmaker, caseworker, checker, cocker, concur, conquer, cooker, corker, cracker, croaker, cur, decker / Decker, Dekker, dicker, docker, dockworker, dressmaker, drinker, dunker / Dunker, esker, euchre, exchequer, faker, filmmaker, firecracker, flicker, freethinker, fucker, gawker, glassmaker, hacker, hanker, hatmaker, hawker, haymaker, hijacker, hiker, hitchhiker, homemaker, hooker / Hooker, hunker, icebreaker, incur, joker, Junker, kicker, kingmaker / Kingmaker, lacquer, laugher, lawbreaker, lawmaker, leaker, linebacker, liqueur, liquor, locker, looker, loudspeaker, Madagascar, maker / Maker, marker, masker, massacre, matchmaker, mediocre, metalworker, mineworker, moneymaker, moniker, motherfucker, muckraker, necker, nonsmoker, nutcracker, occur, ochre, onlooker, Oscar, pacemaker, packer, Parker, peacemaker / Peacemaker, picker, plunker, poker, porker, printmaker, pucker, quaker / Quaker, quicker, racker, rainmaker, rancor, ranker, reconquer, recur, rocker, seeker, shaker / Shaker, shocker, shoemaker, sinker, slacker, sleepwalker, slicker, smoker, sneaker, snicker, snooker, soaker, soccer, speaker / Speaker, spelunker, squeaker, stacker, stalker, steelmaker, steelworker, sticker, stockbroker, stocker, stoker / Stoker, streaker, strikebreaker, striker, succor, sucker, sucre / Sucre, supertanker, tacker, taker, talker, tanker, thinker, ticker, tinker, toolmaker, tracker, trafficker, troublemaker, trucker, tucker / Tucker, undertaker, vicar, walker / Walker, Wanamaker, whacker, whicker, whisker, wicker, winker, woodpecker, woodworker, worker, wrecker, younker, Zocor

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