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English Rhymes > 128 rhymes with the jhiy sound :

Agee, algae, allergy, analogy, anesthesiology, anthology, anthropology, apogee, apology, archaeology, archeology, astrology, bacteriology, basenji, Bemidji, biology, biotechnology, bungee, cagey, cardiology, chronology, clergy, cosmetology, cosmology, criminology, cytology, demagogy, dermatology, dingy, doxology, dramaturgy, ecology, edgy, effigy, Egyptology, elegy, embryology, endocrinology, energy / Energy, entomology, epidemiology, epistemology, ethnology, ethology, etiology, etymology, eulogy, Fiji, fuji / Fuji, gee, genealogy, geology, geomorphology, gerontology, g / G, Golgi, graphology, grungy, gynecology, hematology, histology, ideology, immunology, JI, kinesiology, lethargy, limnology, liturgy / Liturgy, mangy, metallurgy, meteorology, methodology, microbiology, micropaleontology, mineralogy, morphology, mycology, mythology, necrology, neurology, numerology, oncology, ontology, ophthalmology, orgy, ornithology, otology, paleontology, pathology, pedagogy, penology, petrology, pharmacology, phonology, phraseology, physiology, pomology, prodigy, psychology, pudgy, radiology, rangy, refugee, rheology, rheumatology, scatology, Scientology, seismology, serology, shoji, sociology, spongy, squeegee, stingy, stodgy, strategy, synergy, technology, terminology, thanatology, theology, topology, toxicology, trilogy, urology, veggie, virology, zoology

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