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English Rhymes > 115 rhymes with the iyz sound :

Achilles, Alleghenies, always, amenities, Andes, Annamese, Antares, antifreeze, Antilles, appease, archdiocese, Archimedes, Aries, Aristophanes, authorities, Balinese, Belize, breeze, Burmese, Cadiz, Canaries, Cantonese, Ceres, Chartres, cheese, chemise, Chinese, Congolese, contemporaries, Cyclades, Damocles, diabetes, diocese, disability, disease, displease, ease, eighties, Euphrates, expertise, feces, fifties, follies, formalities, forties, freeze, frieze, Ganges, Genovese, Hades, headcheese, Hebrides, Hercules, Hermes, herpes, hippies, Hippocrates, Hobbes, hostilities, humanities, Hyades, isosceles, Japanese, Javanese, journalese, khakis, Lebanese, lees, liabilities, Maltese, manganese, mores, Mounties, Nepalese, nineties, Orestes, overseas, Pisces, please, Pleiades, Portuguese, Pyrenees, rabies, Rameses, Ramesses, Ramses, reprise, Rockies, Scorsese, seize, Senegalese, series, seventies, siamese / Siamese, Sinhalese, sixties, sleaze, sneeze, Socrates, Sophocles, species, squeeze, striptease, Sudanese, Taiwanese, taxis, tease, thirties, Timorese, trapeze, twenties, Ulysses, unease, wheeze, Yerkes

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