HyperDic: eys

English Rhymes > 67 rhymes with the eys sound :

ace / ACE, aerospace, airspace, anyplace, apace, base / Base, bass, birthplace, boldface, bookcase, Borges, brace, briefcase, case, chase / Chase, commonplace, cyberspace, dace, database, debase, deface, disgrace, displace, efface, embrace, encase, erase, everyplace, face, fireplace, footrace, glace, grace / Grace, Heyse, incase, interface, interlace, lace, lactase, Lovelace, mace / Mace, marketplace, misplace, orthoclase, outpace, pace, place, plagioclase, polymerase, race, replace, retrace, Scarface, shoelace, showcase, showplace, someplace, space, staircase, steeplechase, streptokinase, suitcase, trace, typeface, vase, wheelbase, workplace

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