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English Rhymes > 95 rhymes with the ehl sound :

Aix-la-Chapelle, barbell, Bel, bell / Bell, belle, bethel, bluebell, bombshell, Boswell, Cabell, Caldwell, carousel, carrousel, cartel, Cattell, Cavell, cell, citadel, clamshell, clientele, compel, Cornell, cowbell, decibel, dell, dispel, doorbell, dumbbell, dwell, eggshell, el / EL, ell, excel, expel, farewell, fell, foretell, gazelle, gel, hell / Hell, Hillel, hotel, impel, infidel, jell, knell, lapel, l / L, mademoiselle, Mantell, marcel, Marvell, materiel, maxwell / Maxwell, misspell, morel, Moselle, motel, Nobel, Noel, nutshell, Orwell, outsell, parallel, pastel, personnel, propel, Purcell, quantifiable, quell, Raphael, ravel / Ravel, rebel / Rebel, repel, resell, retell, Rockwell, Roswell, rozelle, seashell, sell, shell, smell, spell, stairwell, Stilwell, swell, Tarbell, tell / Tell, trowel, undersell, well, yell, yokel, zinfandel / Zinfandel

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